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Website designs by Jim Daniels (Australia)

Design brief -

These website designs are for members of . The owner of, Mr Shahrul Nizam Supian, has been consulted on the design basics and it has been agreed upon that the designs must have the following criterias :-
1) Simple and static design - no fancy Flash components, animated GIFs or heavy graphics - for quicker downloading of pages

Content will be provided by the designer . Content will be checked and approved by the owner of to ensure accuracy and suitability of purpose.

2) THREE(3) website designs to choose from -

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

(All Links will open in a new window)

Just choose a sample from the above for your website’s main design .

3) Package consists of -

- A five(5)-page website - content will be provided by designer

- One(1) contact form (PHP) linked to your chosen email address

- Details(contact numbers, company name, company address, company logo) to be provided by the customer. Changes can be made to these details within ONE(1) year at no extra cost to the customer

- Company logo must have a transparent background to blend in with the graphics

- Cost - USD 249 per design (Only USD 199 if ordered together with the GPC Full Course)

- Payment in full to be made in advance

- Template-based for easier integration and development

- Time to complete - within 3 working days


This Webdesign Package DOES NOT include webhosting services and domain . As most people already have their own webhosting service provider it would be unrealistic for us to “push” them to use our webhosting service provider. To be fair to everyone we have decided to offer a webdesign package only. You are free to use any webhosting company. Once you have subscribed to their service, just send us the details . We need these details to upload your website’s files to their servers.

4) Many companies share a common mistake when designing their websites. They use Flash and heavy, intensive, bandwidth-sapping graphics to make their websites look “nicer” , especially at their homepage.

But the fact is a visitor seldom spends more than 10 seconds waiting for your homepage to load. If it takes more than 10 seconds then chances are the visitor might just click away from your site. It is suggested that the first page (the home page) should be simple and quick to download. No heavy graphics or Flash movies should be used. A simple home page with the appropriate links like the samples below is recommended .

Homepagesample 1

Homepagesample 2

Homepagesample 3

(All Links will open in a new window)

Just choose a sample from the above for your homepage .
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