The Myths and Facts about Consulting

Myth 1 - You need lots of experience to be a consultant

Fact - Many people think consulting is a complicated job. They think that you need to know about a lot of things to be a good consultant. Actually there are two types of consulting - general and specialized.

The general type (the one that pays less) requires you to be sort of a”jack-of-all-trades”. You need to know a bit here and a bit there. It’s good to be knowledgeable in many things but after a while people will start to realize that there is not much difference between what you know and what they already know. At this stage they will be unwilling to pay you more.

The specialized type usually pays more, a lot more. Some people seem to have this idea that the more specialized you are then there are less people that you can market your services to. In a way it’s true but when you start to focus on a certain target market, something weird happens. Suddenly you find the target market is actually a lot bigger in size than what you thought of before. And if you can actually reach that target market through the Internet then you have definitely found yourself a goldmine. We’ll show you how to find it in this Course.

Many people also assume if you want to be a consultant in international trade then you need to know about factory production, freight and transportation, customs and excise, clearing procedures, bank transactions, payment procedures, taxes, etc. Whoa, that’s a lot to learn !

But guess what - you don’t need to know about them in great detail. Over the years many people have condensed the knowledge to make it easier to do international trade. You can get yourself a book on international trade which deals with all these topics, read about them for one night and come out tomorrow morning with enough information to answer even the toughest clients. Yes, it is that simple. Many people have worked hard to make it simple for others. We are the benefactors of all that hard work.

Myth 2 - I need to spend a lot of time when I do consulting

Fact - it depends a lot on which area you want to offer your services to. You will certainly need to spend a lot of time if you are doing consulting in finance or construction related areas.

International trade is a big arena where many people with many skills are involved. You can do specialized consulting on factory production procedures, freight and transportation, customs and excise, clearing procedures, bank transactions, payment procedures, taxes, etc.

What we are going to teach you in this guide is a specialized skill. This is the skill which pays big money in international trade. We are going to teach you how to properly match a buyer with a seller.

I can already hear some smartypants saying “That’s easy, anybody can do that”. Excuse me, I beg to differ but exactly how many of them can actually do it consistently and with great success over time?. Very few indeed. In most cases it was just a one-off thing and that was it. Most of them didn’t even get paid for it. The trick is how to do it consistently and get paid for doing it consistently. To do that you will need a proper system. Compared to other areas in international trade, this type of consulting requires the least amount of time and minimum interaction with the clients (in most cases you don’t even need to see or talk to the clients personally).

Myth 3 - I’m just not cut out to be a consultant

Fact - there is a saying "If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can't, you are also right." You will have to do something if you want to change your life or at least make it better. Nobody else can do it for you. It is not by accident that consultants are usually among some of the highest paid members of society. With the advancement of technology, consulting can now be done from home without losing any of the respect that it has garnered over the years. People are more concerned about solving their problems nowadays. It doesn’t matter if the consultant comes from a remote area somewhere in the Himalayas or from a swank corporate office in downtown Manhattan. The Internet has made the world smaller. An email can reach a client in seconds.

International trade is not a fad or trend. It is an evergreen subject. As long as people buy and sell things ( cars, machines, textiles, medicines, canned food, rice, spices, fruits, chemicals, etc ) all over the world, then international trade will always be relevant. If you are looking for a business that offers a stable future and outlook then look no further. Even normal Internet businesses run out of steam after some time. Have you ever found an Internet-related product which you believe you can still sell after 10 years on the market? Do you believe your current product on SEO (search engine optimization) can still be used 10 years from now? Why is it those “Internet gurus” keep coming up with new products? We can confidently say that our Course materials will still be relevant 10 years from now. We don’t think international trade will be collapsing in the near future. If it does then all of us will be in big trouble.

And please, don’t tell me you don’t have the clothes for the job . People always have this impression about consultants dressing in sharp 3-piece suits all day long. I do have 3-piece suits but it has been quite a long while since I last wore them. Most of the time I work in my home office in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Very rarely do I see my clients as most of my communications with them are done by email or by Skype. And when I do see any of them, it’s usually at the “Teapot Cafe” - an open-air cafe overlooking the golf course at a golf resort near my house. Nice way to do business, eh?

Myth 4 - I don’t think I can make money from consulting

Fact - there is this story about a poor lady in the 1930’s that saved for many years to journey to America on a steamship to start a new life. She had used almost all her money for the passage and only had enough food to sustain her on the journey. She stayed in her cabin and rationed her food carefully. On the last day of the trip, she decided to spend a little money and have a decent meal. When she got to the luxurious dining room, she was overwhelmed with the amount of delicious food on the buffet and cautiously asked a waiter how much it would cost to have a meal. The waiter told her that the food on the ENTIRE journey was FREE ; she could have been enjoying five sumptuous meals every day, instead of being half starved in her tiny cabin. She could have enjoyed all the facilities of the ship, all the fun and entertainment. Instead, she confined herself to her cabin.

Most of us go through life half starved. Just enough money to get by at the end of the month, not enough for luxuries, too little for a quality lifestyle and the dignity we so richly deserve. We work harder and harder and with taxes and inflation and office politics, we seem to earn less and less. That’s why we recommend that you start this business part-time. Build it up and expand it from there. But you have to start somewhere. Take action TODAY.
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