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“So who is this fella?”, you might ask.

That’s me in the picture below. I’m a simple and down-to-earth guy with quite a number of interesting things on my plate. The whole course was written based on my own experience as a practicing global procurement consultant since 1996.

I did my degree in engineering in the UK but I was actually more interested in business. I did learn a few good things from the British though. It was a great experience mixing with the international community at the university and it opened my eyes to bigger things in life.

I came back to Malaysia in 1992 after completing my studies and learned about doing business the hard way when I joined several companies which were going through hard times. I purposely joined them although I knew they were in trouble.

I saw first hand how the management teams of those companies came up with some very creative maneuvers to keep those companies afloat in those situations. Together with them, I negotiated with lawyers, bankers, suppliers, vendors - whatever it took to save those companies. I was a junior but those were situations where they needed “all hands on deck”. I was thrown into the deep end right from the start so I learned things quickly and I learned them well. I became a senior quite fast .

Along the way I picked up valuable experience and contacts, locally as well as abroad. International trade, which caught my attention earlier due to its immense potential, soon became a passion. The learning curve was a very steep one as I learned things fast.

Going through this “school of hardknocks” gave me the much needed experience and I went into business in 1996 when I started my global procurement consulting (GPC) business that year from the basement of my house. I haven’t looked back since.

The rest is history as I expanded the business further while diversifying into other types of businesses. The GPC business is a very lucrative business and it has provided me with the means to start and build up my other businesses.

I have always believed in having multiple sources of income. Nothing wrong with that. You must not keep all your eggs in one basket. Spread it a bit. But don’t do everything at the same time. Focus and do it one by one. Concentrate on one venture at a time and when it has stabilized then get someone else to run it for you.

Currently, apart from the global procurement consulting (GPC) business, I also have other businesses dealing with mergers & acquisitions (buying and selling other companies after turning them around), JV brokering, Internet publishing, halal-food manufacturing for exports, etc. My global procurement consulting (GPC) business readily opens doors for my manufacturing business. There is a very good synergy between them. Enough to keep this "old man" on his toes. I have my core team to help me out though. “Delegate well” are the keywords here.

You can have a look at my global procurement consulting business at . Remember, this is NOT a demo site. This is a real-life, working website through which I do my GPC business daily. I love making deals in international trade and, over the years, I have established my position as a consultant with a vast network of contacts and business partners.

Although I have a corporate office now, at times I still like to work from my basement office at home which I still maintain.

Over the years I have managed to negotiate some really important deals while still in my cargo pants and T-shirt in my basement office. I enjoy the freedom of being able to do my work from many locations.

I have kept this knowledge for so many years already, refining and improving my techniques over the years. I have made quite a mint from it during that time. Only on a few odd occasions have I taught a few of my friends on how to do this business. Most of them were in dire financial straits at the time and I wanted to help them out. They are doing well now.

So, “why teach other people about it now?”, somebody once asked me this question. If this is such a lucrative field, why teach others how to do it? Wouldn’t they later become your competitors? I have been asked these questions many times before and this is my answer.

The international trade market is huge and is worth trillions of dollars. Even if I wanted to, I simply could not corner the market because it is so huge. It is like trying to contain the sea water in all of the oceans. You simply cannot do it due to the sheer size of the oceans. The same with international trade. There is more than enough to go around. I simply cannot go into every market on every continent. Even if I can teach 1,000 people on how to do this business, there is still more than enough to go around. Even if each of these 1,000 people manages to make $300,000 dollars yearly, the market can still absorb more. It is THAT big.

I wouldn’t mind a bit of competition, in fact all this while I thrive on being better than the competition. It motivates me to go further and serve my clients better. Yes, I do make money teaching others, just like other lecturers make money teaching students in universities all over the world. I have something of value that they want and they are willing to pay me for it. This is just plain economics, nothing fancy about it.

The difference is just that I have done this for quite some time, got my feet wet in it, made some mistakes and learned from those mistakes (so that you don’t have to repeat my mistakes), learned some tricks of the trade( which I will teach you), made some nice money and are now qualified enough to teach others about it. You tell me, given a choice, would you rather learn about making money from somebody with experience or just read it from a book?

I see this GPC business as an alternative to the more common ways of making money from the Net. This business should appeal to those home-based entrepreneurs who have grown weary of Adsense, affiliate programs, HYIP, SEO programs, etc.

This global procurement consulting (GPC) business is a real business which uses the vast resources available on the Net. You will be dealing with real people, not just numbers.

So, are you ready for the exciting world of international trade?

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